Ganbatte kudasai

Ganbatte kudasai

Ganbatte kudasai

わたしたちは せかいの とても おおくの れきしを しっています。たとえそれが よいものでも わるいものでも。

たとえば あなたは このはいくを しっていますか?

なかぬなら ころしてしまえ ほととぎす。とても ゆうめいな はいく ですね、さくしゃは おだ のぶながです。

みなが しっている、にほんお しょうぐんです。

Amazing. finally, today I finished memorizing my first paragraph. Ogura-san, my Japanese friend in my laboratory helped me how I pronaunce my speech in Japanese style. Today, he said to me ‘excelent’!!! oowww,

凄い !!!

I have to study hard to learning a speech in Japanese style. of course, it’s so difficult for me. Japanese is veru complicated. the caracters, voice, and how to pronaunce it really hard to learn. but, I have to learn it for a a month, due to the speech contest will be held on 26th February.

I have always felt at ease every time I face a problem, though heavy though. because there is someone who has always supported me, anytime, anywhere. Thank you, my lovely, beta.

がんばって ください !!!







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