How to make a web proxy…??

one day in my spare time, suddenly I’ve found something interesting, which was already long time I’ve been looking for years ago, that is a script to make a web proxy a.k.a proxy site.
what is a web proxy? Web proxy is a web that provide a proxy facility …

hehe so difficult to explain , ’cause I am not an expert guy in defining, this site is really useful for opening web sites that’s blocked …

Have you ever suffered when youtube have been blocked by a network administrators …? only with this web proxy, any websites which was blocked can be opened …  hihi
and with this website we can hide our identity too, ie our IP address ….
phew  ok, stop to defining, now I’ll explain how do easier and instant way to make a web proxy.
it’s PHProxy, PHProxy is a web HTTP proxy programmed in PHP meant to bypass firewalls and access otherwise inaccessible resources (i.e. blocked websites). If the server this script is run on can access a resource, so can you!
now you can download this script here


for example, I’m using the latest version, ie version 0.5 beta 2. it’s very easy to install on your server, just upload and you can immediately use it. here’s a screenshot that shows the default view of PHProxy

it’s so simple interface right? but you can create by your own style, like my own proxy. 🙂 🙂 🙂

don’t you interested? You can try a demo site here :


have you ever seen a free cool script like this? please write a comment to share, thank you….



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