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dealdashBased out of New York and Helsinki Finland, DealDash is a next generation penny auction company that has a site in which saving money when you buy is fun. DealDash became known as the fair and honest, risk-free alternative to penny auctions. It is the 4th largest company in its field in the world with over 1.5 million shoppers. if you don’t win the auction, you have the option to buy the desired item at its normal retail price and get a full refund on all the bids back to your account for free. So you can go on auctioning.
If you like a computer games, dealdash may be likened to it. Spending enough time on DealDash (the average session lasts 49 min), observing other auctioneers (find out their strategy! This is like planning a battle on computer games right!), and then getting on to the auctioning in a smart way. So if you have the time and patience to spare you could save up to 99% on DealDash. No problem if you don’t win,you’re still safe because you won’t lose! So shopping on DealDash is like playing a computer games right?

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